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I strive to provide legal services and counsel with patience, honesty, insight, and compassion.

I remain committed to the proposition that marriage vows were intended to last a lifetime and that children are entitled to know, and to be loved and raised by both parents. I also realize that we live in a society where these concepts are not embraced and are often ridiculed. My goal is to help you navigate the legal process during what is usually an incredibly stressful and heartbreaking period.

To accomplish this goal, I will diligently attempt to resolve your case through settlement negotiations and mediation before going to trial, to avoid escalating costs. However, should a trial be necessary, you can be assured that I will provide high quality, professional and ethical litigation services, whether before a judge or jury.  Should there be valid grounds for an appeal, I am experienced in successfully pursuing appellate relief. 

I am not afraid to advocate a valid position or theory simply because it is unpopular.


I am a highly experienced family law lawyer having practiced law for over thirty-three years. During that time I have worked with the Child Support Division of the Attorney General's Office and the Legal Aid Society of Texas, as a staff attorney in the family law section. The remainder of my career has been spent as a private practitioner. As such, I have accepted court-appointments in both termination and child support enforcement cases. My clients have included fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children. I have represented numerous victims of domestic violence and those wrongfully accused of abuse.

In addition, for many years a significant portion of my practice was devoted to criminal law. For several years I represented the homeless community in two major legal battles. I have also had some minor experience in probate, guardianship, and other civil causes of action. I believe these experiences have broadened and shaped my perspective as to the important contributions that stable families provide to the overall health of a community, thereby sharpening my focus on family issues.

In the last ten years, I have become increasingly involved in legislatively advocacy. During that time I have worked both independently and side-by-side with remarkable advocates from various non-profits to promote laws that protect families and defeat legislation that does not.  Whether reviewing and analyzing legislation, drafting legislation, speaking with staff, or testifying in committee, I fight to ensure that Texas families remain free.

I know about family. 

     I am a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother.  I understand the challenges of raising a family in an ever changing society.  I have lived in South Austin for the past twenty-eight years.  Over those years I've listened to the concerns of parents at school and sporting events for various schools in Bell, Travis, and Hays Counties.  I bring these everyday experiences to work with me everyday. 

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